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Quality policy

General Żwir Sp z o o undertakes to satisfy customers’ requirements in regard to quality of manufactured products:

  • sand,
  • gravel,
  • broken aggregate.

Continuous improvement of production processes in General Żwir Sp. z o.o. is obtained through:

  • hiring knowledgeable and highly qualified personnel  having practical skill and striving at continuous professional development,
  • increasing personnel awareness through training sessions, workshops and management’s involvement,
  • maintaining working machines and increasing the number of machines and equipment,
  • services performed by verified service providers,
  • complying with quality requirements.

The top management creates, for every staff member, conditions indispensable for understanding their tasks and responsibility for the manufactured products.  Quality Policy which has bee established, accepted, and communicated obliges all staff members to fulfill established objectives and tasks, satisfy requirements, and improve the quality management system.  The above listed tasks are realized by General Żwir Sp. z o.o. through the Quality System in line the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 and the Company System of the Production Control in line with relevant standards.


Gardyny, 25.07.2008r

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